Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joining two video files together

This following process is very useful if you have two videos like Part1 and Part2 and you wish to join them.

Things you'll need: VirtualDub (if you dont have it, can be dowloaded from here:

To join the two videos, open VirtualDub and click File->Open. Select the first video file and click "Open". Then click on File>Append Segment.

Another dialog will open asking for the second video file, select the second video file and click "Open".

Then click on Video>Direct Stream Copy (this option is selected because we do not want the videos to be encoded again). Then click File>Save As and save the video file with name of your choice.
The resulting video will have both video files joined together.

NOTE: In order for this process to work, both videos should have same resolution and same framerate.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to convert DTS(.dts) to Dolby Digital 5.1(.ac3)

If you have movies with DTS audio and want to convert it to Dolby Digital (because your Receiver does not support DTS), here is the guide which lets you do this :

The guide to convert DTS audio (.dts) to Dolby Digital (.ac3).

Things you'll need:
1. Audacity (Free audio editor program)
2. FFMpeg Binary for Audacity
3. WAV to AC3 Encoder (Freeware)
4. Virtual Dub Mod (Freeware)

Lets Begin:
First of all, install all the above applications. Make sure the FFMPEG Import/Export library is installed in the audacity folder. Then, open the movie file in VirtualDub and follow these steps:
  • Go to "Streams"->"Stream List" and select the file which says DTS 6ch and the click "Demux".

  • Save the file with name of your choice.

Now we have the audio for the entire movie in a file with .dts extension. Open that file with Audacity (to be able to open dts file, audacity needs FFMPEG binary installed). Once that file is opened, you will notice total six tracks displayed.

The tracks are in order of : Front Left, Front Right, Centre, Subwoofer, Surround Left and Surround Right. Now we need to export these tracks in seperate files. To do this click left side of the first track (in order to fully select the whole first track), then click File->Export Selection.

Save the file with file name "frontleft" and file type "WAV signed 16 bit PCM". Here we have chosen WAV because its a lossless audio format.

Similarly, proceed with other tracks and save them in WAV format. Make sure to name the files correctly in order of their channels. Eg. "frontright" for second track, "centre" for third track and so on. After exporting all the tracks, close audacity. Now, open WAV to AC3 Encoder and click "MUX Wizard".

The following window will open:

Make sure "Channel config" is set to 3/2 and tick the LFE checkbox. Click on button "L" and select the exported file "frontleft.wav". Click button "C" and select "centre.wav" and so on and then click OK. After clicking OK, following message will appear (just click "Yes").

Finally, to export AC3 file, click Encode.

After all this hardwork, we got the file with Dolby Digital format. Now to attach it to the video, open the video file in VirtualDub and click on Stream->Stream List and disable all streams by clicking on each stream and clicking "Disable". Then click Add and select the recently made .ac3 file and click OK.

Now we have to save the whole file, to do this click on Video->Direct Stream Copy and then save the file. Finally, we got a video file with Dolby audio.

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