Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Top 3 Best Business Apps for Android

Many new businesses appear every month. If you're working in the field, you will certainly need tools to keep you well-organized for your daily tasks. Should your smartphone sport an Android operating system, you'll be happy to know that there are a lot of great business apps to download and use. Here is a list we recently made; it includes 3 picks which we think are the best and which we hope you'll enjoy.


Let's start with a business app called Dropbox. If you ask any employee in the business field about it, he/she will say that it's one of the best options ever created. The user interface it comes with makes this instrument very easy to use. You won't have to pay anything to experience this app. You can share, download and view whatever files you feel like and each of these actions will go extra smoothly. There are all sorts of features to try out. Like the one called camera file auto upload which does exactly what it says; and the resolution of your pics doesn't get modified in the process. The amount of content you can store is 2GB.

Documents to Go

Documents to Go is another business app which has proven very popular among business people with Android phones. And it's among the oldest out there. You'll find there are two versions of this tool: one which is free and another one for which you will have to pay $14.95. You should totally download it if you want something to help you make modifications to your file and view it later. Speaking of the latter, here are the ones which are supported: PDF, Doc, XLS and PPT.

Google Drive

The last business app which made it on our list of best business apps for Android is Google Drive. This one is especially great for people who have a Gmail account and use Google's services on a daily basis for their jobs. You can grab it free-of-charge and bask in its ability to easily edit, create and synchronize changes done to your files through various gadgets. What Google Drive does best, though, is the following: it gives you the opportunity to avoid attaching any file when you prepare an email. The amount of storage you are offered varies; you can choose either 5GB, 25GB, 50GB or an impressive 16TB. And everything is made to look and feel extremely easy for all varieties of users.

So these are the three best business apps we think are great for your Android device. Enjoy and tell us what you think.

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