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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the most popular smartphones of 2012. Samsung also released the Galaxy S3 Mini, but is it just a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or there is more to it? To find the answer of this question let’s read our comparison review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 Mini.

The Galaxy S3 Mini is lot cheaper than the flagship S3. The cost price of the Galaxy S3 is £450 while the Galaxy S3 Mini is available for just £298.

Obviously the S3 Mini is smaller than the S3. Compared to 71 x 137mm S3, it measures at 63 x 122m. However, it is not as thin as the S3, at 9.6mm against 8.6mm. And unsurprisingly the S3 Mini is lighter than S3, at 122g against 133g.

The S3 Mini features the screen of 4-inch, and there is a 4.8-inch screen on the S3. Samsung has used Super AMOLED display on both of the devices, but there are some differences in the screen resolutions. The S3 uses the 720 x 1280 resolution while 480 x 800 resolution is used on the S3 Mini. And compared to the pixel density of 223ppi on the S3 Mini, the pixel density of S3 is also higher at 306ppi. 

The Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz, a quad-core processor is the major highlight of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Whereas the Galaxy S3 is powered by the modest 1GHz dual-core processor. So, it is obvious that the S3 is more powerful than the S3 Mini in terms of performance. And the Samsung Galaxy S IV is set to come with a powerful processor.

When it comes to the storage, the Galaxy S3 comes in three options, 64GB, 32GB and 16GB, like the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 Mini is also available in three options but with lower capacities at 32GB, 16GB and 8GB. Both of these devices feature a microSD card slot, but the S3 Mini accepts the card just up to 32GB instead of 64GB.

The Galaxy S3 features a rear-facing camera of 8Mp which can record the video of full HD 1080p quality. But, the camera has been downgraded in the S3 Mini. It has a 5Mp camera that can record 720p video. The S3 also features a high quality front-facing camera of 1.9Mp compared to the VGA quality lens of the S3 Mini.

Both S3 and S3 Mini come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Though the S3 runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an update to the Jelly Bean is available. Both of these devices use TouchWiz user interface.

The connectivity features of both Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 Mini include digital living network alliance (DLNA) certification, near-field communications (NFC), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and Wi-Fi. The major difference among the two is that the Galaxy S3 supports the 4G networks while the Galaxy S3 Mini is limited to 3G.

Compared to the Galaxy S3 Mini’s battery of 5.6Wh or 1500mAh, the Galaxy S3 has a more powerful battery of 7.8Wh or 2100mAh.

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